Watching Game at Wembley Stadium

Wembley stadium is one of the best stadia in London, it has a great atmosphere as it can accommodate more than 90 000 people.

However, there is one problem, which is how to get to the stadium safely and comfortably.

Assuming that you don’t live right next to the stadium, you have few options,

Take a tube.Wembley

This is a very good option and every Londoner will tell you that underground is a great way how to travel in London. But remember when we have mentioned that the stadium can accommodate 90 000 people? That will become a problem once you try to get all these people to one place. So what’s the solution then? Well, you can still take the underground, however, you will be grounded in the underground with other people.

Take a bus.

Buses in London are good only at night, or if you have all the time in the word and they are incredibly slow in the traffic.

Take a cab

With buses not being an option, there is one last thing that you can do. Cabs are great as they can get you to the stadium very safely and quite quickly. The benefits of Wembley cabs is that you do not have to share your personal space with other people.

Taxis in Wembley are operating all the 24/7 so you can be sure to get home always safe. If however you live on the other side of London and you don’t want to spend all your money, you can just get the cab to a tube station which is not as crowded as the other once and then get home safely.


Whatever type of transport you chose be sure to always have an alternative in mind in case there’s a need for it, and always be safe.

Photography tips for beginners

  1. Rule of thirds in photography

Imagine 4 lines across the page; 2 horizontal lines and 2 verticals lines, creating 9 squares. Place the focus off centre so viewers will have to observe the whole picture. Photography using the 3rd rule is more interesting.

  1. Use a polarising filter

Buy a polarizer for your lenses. You can leave it on for most photos. It reduces reflections from water, metal and glass. It improves the colour of the sky and foliage, and protects the lens.

  1. Use simple backgrounds

The simple approach is best for photography. Its more visually appealing and draws attention to your focus. It’s best to not overwhelm with too much happening in the background of a portrait photo.


  1. Don’t use flash indoors

Push the ISO up to 800 if indoors. This mean you won’t need to use flash, which can look harsh and unnatural indoors. Use a wide aperture so more light can get in to the sensor.


  1. ISO

These ISO settings determine how sensitive to light your camera is. Adjust it up if you are somewhere poorly lit or dark (around 400-3200) and lower it If you are somewhere sunny (around 100)

  1. Find contrasts

Contrasts on camera are beautiful and captivating. Pair a dark colour with a light colour for a real pop. Red and white go great together.

  1. Dark and light photography

Dark absorbs light, and light reflects it. So make sure if you have something darker to photograph its best to use natural or good light to capture it the best way.

It can be daunting starting out in photography with new jargon, competitiveness and expensive equipment. However the key is to start it as a hobby so it remains fun for longer. Don’t give up your full time job just yet. Build up a portfolio in your spare time, and find your unique style and interests. There are many avenues of photography you can go into, it takes time to find your niche. Keep it fun and creative to gather attention.

The 5 Best Cameras For Under £200

Remember the old adage that a single photo is worth a thousand words? Well, the power of a photo or image captured at the right moment and in the right way cannot be sufficiently emphasized. Photos and images have inspired change; they have stirred up revolutions and civil disobedience, and in humanitarian circles, have helped raised millions of dollars in aid. Yet, photography is not always about the serious side of life; you can take photos for fun and passion, for memory, and so on so forth. The beauty of it all is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in order to get yourself a nice camera.

Below is a list of some high quality cameras that you can get for under £200;

1. Samsung WB350F

This is an old model, but one that is very reliable and easy to use. It comes with a 21X lenses for optical zooming, and has built in WiFi. This is one of the few cameras you’ll find going for under 200, yet it can capture up to 6 shots per second. It is the perfect epitome of Samsung technology at its best.

2. Nikon Coolpix S7000

The Nikon Coolpix S7000 is a great gadget by all standards, boasting of options for wireless connectivity. It also has built in WiFI, although some users feel I would have been better if Nikon made this camera a touch screen. It is easy to use, and has long battery life.


This one also falls in the category of the under 200sony-Cyber-shot-DSC-RX10-cameras, and has image stabilizer functions. Its water resistant, rust free, and its ultra thin appearance gives it a unique look.

4. Fujifilm FinePix XP80

 This one is rust proof, water proof, and is ideal for anyone that loves taking photos and videos outdoors. The image stabilizer is highly effective at removing any blurs even when a subject is in motion.

5. Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H300/B

It’s a compact digital camera, and can support HD video recording. It has a slot for an SD card, and comes with its own tripod.
Happy shopping!

Why Houses in London Generate More Waste

Hosues-in-LondonLondon is one of the biggest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world. It is occupied by a large population and every year it has new inhabitants. With garbage disposal being a problem in many places, London decided to embrace the recycle of its waste products; from furniture to plastics, cans and even food products. This has really helped the city to clean up and reduce on materialistic costs. But still, many homes continue to generate much waste on a weekly basis. This can be attributed to several reasons;

  • Change in lifestyle; nowadays, the average Londoner gets most of what he needs wrapped neatly in supermarkets, and this has led to more cluttered and overflowing bins at homes. From pizza wrappings to cartons and polythene bags used to wrap new shoes and clothes, most homes in London find their rubbish trays constantly full.
  • Shifting family trends; most homes in London are occupied by more than one person, and this in turn means that more waste will be generated. Single women with their kids, living with a sister, or several university guys living in a single apartment; whichever way you look at it, the amount of waste being generated per house unit keeps increasing.
  • Waste clearance companies; most waste clearance companies operating in house clearance London have an arrangement with their clients whereby they collect waste and rubbish on a weekly basis. Most homes therefore compile all waste generated all week and by the time it is collected, so much of it has accumulated. However, you can get a flexible waste clearance company willing to clear the waste twice or more a week.


The city of London has made great strides in how it manages its waste. Although most homes are producing more waste, waste clearance companies have sprung up to meet the high demand for a helping hand.

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Develop Great Ideas for Your Video Production

video-productionEvery great radio/ television production publication begins with an idea. These ideas are usually not easy to create as it requires one to think simply, while at the same time break idea barriers to arrive at a final product. Therefore, for you to generate great ideas for your video production, you will need to:

Ask Lots of Questions

One way to develop a small video idea into a great one is, to ask questions. You might be perceived as annoying at some point, but questions are the only way to get to what you do not know. It will get you the behaviour and attitudes of people towards your idea, thereby improving its viability.

Product Service Information

Before coming up with an idea for an online video, you must first be able to properly understand the products and services of your client. Through this you will be able to not only define what is unique about your client’s product or service, but have a basis for creative comparison for other products. This ensures that you come up with ideas that provide a fresh twist to what is currently being used.

Focus On Your Audience

A good video idea must be target focused. Therefore, to get great ideas for a video production, you will have to know the problem that your audience is facing. Through knowing audience problems, you will be able to come up with convincing videos that not only address recurring audience problems, but also heighten your audience to solve the problem, this will require taking your audience from how the problem comes up to how they can transition and solve it.

Have an Open Mind

There are a lot of both internal and external restrictions that can prevent you from coming up with a great video idea. For instance, thinking too much of the end goal of your video may limit your creativity by creating a video that has less punch. Furthermore, business restrictions such as bureaucracy can stifle idea creation as you are assured that an out of the box idea will not be accepted. An example of an internal restriction is the fear that your idea will be labelled wrong.


Ideas are the inceptors of great videos. Therefore, to arrive at a great ideas for a video , you will have to ask a lot of questions, know your clients product, focus on your target  audience and have an open mind. 


To get ideas on how to take your video ideas from good to great, visit Cincera website.

How to Choose the Right Light System for your Home

Light is a very important fixture in every home. You cannot live in a dark and gloomy house. Light helps to lighten p the house and give it more life and makes it more vibrant. Every home is different from the other and therefore they require different light systems to look perfect. It is important therefore for you to analyze your house carefully so that you can be able to decide which system shows your house to the most advantage. Flos lighting London showroom have some tips on how you can do this effectively. They include;

  • Take note of natural lighting patterns

Natural light can light up a room in ways that you could not imagine. Flos light London showroom say that if your rooms have adequate natural light, you do not need so much artificial lighting. This helps to maintain intimacy in your home in all seasons.

  • Take note of the colors furnishing the house

Colors also influence the kind of lighting system that you use. You need to take careful inventory of the colors that you have used to decorate your home. It is then that you will be able to choose the right light system that will show the colors used to their best capacity both during the day and at night too.

  • Take into consideration the size of rooms

The size of your rooms is also very important when making this decision, small rooms and large rooms require a different amount of light so knowing this will inform your choice.


Light up your home by taking advantage of the tips that Flos lighting London showroom are imparting. They will help make better choices.


Light is the first step towards bringing life into a home. See more at

10 Best photography tips for a novice photographer

Taking an excellent image isn’t as tough as you might think. You do not require the most costly electronic camera or years of experience, simply 10 basic ideas.

Delight in!

best photography tips

#1 – Use All Your Available Space

Do not be afraid to make use of all the area in your picture. If you want to take a photo of something, it’s ok for it to take up the whole shot with no or hardly any background showing. Keep distractions out of your shot

#2 – Research study Forms

This is a vital aspect to photography. Understanding types in your images. Don’t see an item, its shape and its type and discover the best angle to photograph it from. Kind is all around us and I highly suggest you check out as many books on it as possible.

#3 – Movement In Your Photos

Never have motion in your images if you are photographing still things. If there is something moving while you are attempting to photograph a stationary object, your photo won’t turn out anywhere near too. Likewise never ever put a horizon line in the center of your frame.

#4 – Learn To Use Contrasts In between Colors.

Some of the very best photos have tons of white, gray and black. You can take terrific shots with just one color on your topic, but the contrasts in between colors in a shot are exactly what makes you a fantastic professional photographer.

#5 – Get Closer To Your Topic

This is one of the greatest mistakes most professional photographers make, not getting close enough to their subject. Get up and personal and close the range space. You can usual reshape and resize a great shot, but you can’t remain to blow up distant things.

#6 – Shutter Lag

Shooting action shots with digital electronic camera’s can be tricky due to shutter delays. Exactly what this implies is, when you press the button to take the image, it can take up to a 2nd for the shutter to take a photo, by that time what you were photographing would have moved or changed somehow. This indicates you have to compensate for shutter lag by forecasting what your subject is going to do and taking the photo just before it takes the action you want. More pricey digital electronic cameras don’t have this problem.

#7 – Pan

If you are taking an action shot and your shutter speed is sluggish, pan with the things. Follow through with the subject, from start to finish and among those shots will be a winner. You have more possibility of getting a good shot if you take more than one picture.

#8 – Constant Shots

To pan like I suggested above, you will need a cam that does continuous shots and does not have to stop and process after every shot.

Idea 9 – How To Take Great Night Time Shots

Night time shots can be spectacular, almost magical … if done right! If not they can look terrible. Truly terrible. Without appropriate lighting, even great video camera’s can end up crappy images if the professional photographer does not understand what he or she is doing.

#10 – Research study Your Handbook

If your digital camera has a special night time mode, checked out the manual and follow their instructions on ways to use it effectively.